Invest in yourself and your education is perhaps the fastest way to take your business to the next level. Tailored to your needs, both types of mentoring sessions will inspire creativity and elevate your artistry. Whether you're seeking guidance or a dash of inspiration, nothing is off the table. 

I am all for creating an immersive experience that will add countless value to your photography & vision, and, hopefully, aspire to reach the new heghts.

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2 full hours of online mentorship. 

We can go over literally anything. You choose!

€ 500 

1 full day of in-person mentorship.

The fastest way to take your art and business to the next level.

€ 1500

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Curation of up to 3 Wedding Galleries
Website + Instagram review
Feedback + constructive criticism 

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Here you can read testimonials from the former participants.

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“It's been 6 months since I've been in Barcelona with Anna for a in person mentorship, and I must say that she made my world spin around. Every word she said was a fortune. It was a lifetime experience, literally. My photography and the way I approach weddings sky rocketed to the next level, most of my colleagues are still so fascinated by this change. Can't express enough my gratitude for this person, such a pure artist! She is just all out and super kind!

Stefan (in-person session)

“Anna’s mentorship was 110% worth it! She sees the world in such a beautiful and unique way I was lucky enough to see her thought process through it all. She truly is invested in making sure you learn all you hoped from investing in a mentorship with her. I can tell my art and my business will both grow due to my time with her. Such a sweet soul.”

-Lara (online session)

“Best decision we have ever made was to fly to Barcelona to learn from Anna in person! She spent hours answering all our questions and we learned so much from her. From editing and post production process to how to attract the right cliental and serve them to the best of our ability.
Her tips and advice were unlimited! We highly recommend mentoring with Anna to take your business to the next level. Not only is she extremely talented, but she is so patient and kind as well! We can’t wait to immediately implement all the knowledge we learned. It was truly an experience we will never FORGET! Thank you Anna!!.”

-Katee and Caroline (in-person session)

“It was a wonderful experience to be mentored by Anna. It felt like I was asking a good friend for advice. Someone who actually cared about me and my questions. I had lots of questions and was uncertain if we would manage to cover them all, but we did and went even further. The best part is the feeling when you leave the conversation – inspired, moved and motivated. I literally can't wait to get a hold of people who will experiment with me and conquer new fields of photography. Thanks Anna for being so sweet and supportive! There will be another mentoring for sure and hopefully it'll be in person next time."

Alissa (online session)

“Dearest Anna,
I cannot thank you enough for the pure gold of mentoring! Our time together was so valuable and precious to me, I treasure it with all of my heart. I so admire you as an artist and have so much respect for you as a person, and the way you showed how much you cared, through your mentoring really touched me. Thank you so so much for how kind you were with your feedback, for how generously you shared your tools, tactics, life hacks and secrets. Thank you, for challenging me and asking me some powerful questions to guide me to find my own view. You’ve helped me see what I couldn't see before.  Thank you for making a huge difference in how I see photography and my future in it.”

- Nadia (in-person mentorship)

“There are many artists in this world, but not all of them are smart, dedicated and professional like you are. You shine with knowledge, inspiration and humility. You gave me not only several hours of knowledge, you've also given me my spark back. You made me drop my ego, open my eyes and sit and learn the things I don't know!
This is what a real mentor does! They motivate you, guide you and push your skills beyond what you thought was possible! All in a few days. You helped me to stop playing in my own little puddle of ignorance and go for the open world. This is something you can't put a price on. Seeing you work and shooting alongside you was an amazing experience I will never forget! To wrap this up... Anna, authenticity is hard to come across, but you are the real deal. Thank you for everything!”

-Stefani (in-person mentorship)

"There aren't enough words to thank Anna for what she has taught me. She went for the heart of everything in the most gentle manner. And isn't that what you hope for most in a mentor? Anna asked me questions I had never even asked myself. She made our session a safe place where it was okay to be vulnerable and open. Her own work process is embedded in who she is, and that's something I'll never forget. I learned more about me in this mentor session. I haven't stopped writing since my time with Anna. Thoughts and emotions pouring out. God, Anna-- you made me come back to ME... and how to take that into my work, be my work. She covered all the topics/questions I had in two hours, with great detail and references. More than that, she inspired me to look deep within. There's so much there. If you're still unsure about booking a mentoring session with Anna, don't be. This is your sign. The only thing I regret is not having booked her for an in-person session, but I'm definitely planning on it now!! Much love Anna, thank you thank you."

Natalia (online session)

“Thank you so much Anna for taking the time to go so in-depth into the editing process, I learned so much, I don't think there is anything you didn't cover. I was so confused and frustrated being unable to achieve the soft, dreamy, filmy look I wanted but I'm now so excited to load up Lightroom and experiment with everything you taught me. It was such a joy to speak to you today and go over my work, to listen to your advice and words of encouragment. What a beautiful soul you are.”

-Melanie (online mentorship)

“ANNA THANK YOU! It was an honor to see the world through your eyes! The online mentorship was fantastic, informative, creative, full of new points of view, I could list 100 more things. After the mentorship one would want to grab the camera and get started right away! Working with you was both pleasant and very interesting! Thanks again for the great experience and I hope we'll work together again soon!”

-Josi (online session)

“I've always admired Anna's work, it's cinematic, dreamy, raw, authentic and telling all at the same time. For this, I have been incredibly interested in her creative process and how everything came to be. When she started offering her mentorship session, I quickly jumped on board not knowing what to expect but Anna exceeded every expectation in the most positive way! Anna was very gentle and patient with answering my long list questions (trust me, I came with a loooongg list). Not only did she show me where she found her inspiration, she taught me everything from composition, lighting, camera settings all the way down to the little details of client experience and photo editing. We covered a wide range of topics and throughout this time, Anna was open to sharing her knowledge and wisdom. She also asked me fundamental questions and challenged me to think about my photography work in a whole different way. I left the mentorship feeling very inspired and ready to take on new creative challenges to push my photographic work to the better. I can honestly listen to this amazing woman talk the whole day about her journey, her inspiration and her work. I can't wait to meet her in person in Barcelona for a live mentorship once we can easily fly around!”

-Jackie (online session)

"As I am about to launch my official photography business, I felt I needed guidance to keep building in the right direction, for me. I booked a mentoring session with Anna as I admire her work and she is without a doubt an important reference in the couple/weeding/editorial photography world.
We first discussed everything; from storytelling to processes, Anna took the time to answer my concerns and questions, sharing her insight and experience, her tips and "secrets". She was an open book, no need to explain how refreshing that is! 
She then had a couple shoot organized from A to Z, which I attended and shot with her. I was able to observe her process, from how she tells a story, guides and collaborates with clients to the editing process.
I think life is about learning, whether it's on a professional level or on a human one. I was expecting to learn on a photography level, and I was! But she's also a very inspiring human and artist and opened my mind in terms of creativity, self-respect (and respect of my work) and courage, amongst other skills.
I would highly recommend a mentorship with Anna, it is worth every penny."

Magali (in-person mentorship)

"You made the mentorship so adaptable to what I wanted to learn. You were so prepared & really took the time to explain things in the best way possible. The knowledge you have is amazing & the willingness to share is even greater. You are a great teacher & I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn from you! THANK YOU!"

Paige (online session)

"I was planning to do a mentoring session with Anna for quite some time and I am extremely happy that finally I stopped putting it off. After the session I realized how lost I was in my processes and that there are so many things I need to take care of. Anna put everything in order for me and gave clear and practical suggestions. If you want your photography to reach the next level, she is definitely the one!"

Julia (online session)