an internationally published photographer,
artist and educator

While aesthetically capturing a feeling or an emotion in their intensity and detail, Anna's approach to creating wedding & couple imagery remains unique and unconventional.

Focused on you and your special way of connecting to one another, Anna's work carries a sense of freedom and mystery in itself.
It has become recognizable by its contemporary style, sharp sense of composition and timeless color choice. 

Working internationally, the vast majority of Anna's weddings and projects are outside Spain.
Photography has taken her all around the world: from historical streets of Florence to the golden coast of California. 

"Anna is a creative power of Ginger’s Eyes. She is a highly acclaimed photographer, artist, and educator with an international reach. Her approach to capturing wedding and couple imagery goes beyond aesthetics, delving into intense emotions and authentic connections. Anna prides herself on creating unique and artistic images that reflect her subjects’ genuine essence. (...) "

Wed Vibes

"In the vibrant tapestry of Barcelona's wedding industry, one name stands out as an example of exceptional artistry – Ginger's Eyes Photography, helmed by the visionary Anna. With a career that has spanned an impressive six years, Anna has honed her craft to a level of mastery that is truly awe-inspiring, creating images that are not merely photographs, but rather, breathtaking expressions of the human experience. (...)