Imagine you decide to elope. You’ve chosen the perfect foreign city, say-Rome. You wake up to the sounds of life happening around you on the streets. The old vintage staircase creaks as you run down it with anticipation. You find your way to the streets, paved centuries ago with cobblestone. Your nose leads you to fresh Italian coffee, where you also indulge in a tender, flaky cannoli.
Later, we dance through the streets and finish your day off on top of a hill overlooking the city, enjoying the beauty of the sunset and dancing to your favorite tunes. 

Oh, my.


your experience


My approach is centered on documenting natural and authentic moments. I’m not interested in turning your head a little to the right and making you force a cheesy smile for the sake of a photo.
Nothing staged. We want the real good stuff. If an afternoon of unnatural posing doesn’t intrigue you either, then we definitely are a good fit!


Keeping in mind that every couple’s tale is unique, my style is naturally influenced by people’s stories and emotions, creating a narrative within every frame. I aim to document each love story as it unfolds, in a fashion that is artistic and editorial. While I find inspiration from a multitude of styles, such as impressionism, magical realism and 20th century film photography to name a few, I customize my work to reflect who my couples are and how the moments actually felt.  



It’s time to plan your special day, and you have all the freedom to live your moment exactly how you wish. This moment is for you and your partner, so if you wish to break the mold, I am here for it. Want to wear a black dress? Want to ditch the cake? Want to say “I do” on a mountain? Whatever makes this day feel like your own!

Every collaboration I do with a couple sparks an everlasting bond between us. Being able to establish that connection and trust is the key to creating all sorts of photographic magic. I become heavily invested in my couples as I truly wish to be more than just a photographer to you. I want you to be able to feel comfortable enough to trust what I’m doing, so we can create something special together, rather than just getting the job done. 









Engagement or couple sessions are always playful. The perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other better. They act as a practice round, allowing me to learn more about the ways you and your partner naturally interact, and allowing you both to become more comfortable in front of the camera. I truly believe engagement sessions make for better wedding photos. Not to mention, engagement photos are perfect for save-the-dates and wedding invitations/websites!

I take on just a handful of weddings per year, 15-17 to be precise. I go above and beyond to make such a special time in my couples' lives unforgettable and for the photographs to reflect all the range of their feelings and emotions during those fleeting moments.

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