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As I am focused on revealing your unique story and connection through the visual art, my approach to wedding photography is a fusion of documentary and editorial styles destined for the fashion-forward and modern lovers worldwide, appreciating subtlety, sophistication and poetry of a moment. 

Anna Gadalean, Based in Barcelona, Spain.

effortless, artistic, unique





"After sharing our photos, I have been contacted by dozens of people being told that I have the most breathtaking and unique wedding photos they have ever seen."

Pamela + Joel

“We held our breaths as we clicked through to the next image to watch it unfold. Breathtakingly beautiful."

Michelle + Linh

"Anna captured beautiful natural moments and facilitated a perfect, spontaneous day, with photos that made us look like movie stars."

Alexandra + Andrew

"Our photos are beyond perfect and capture the full range of our day, from intimacy to silliness to love and everything in between, it is all there."