April 13, 2023



author: Anna Gadalean



Imagine a perfect world hidden away in the lush jungle. You wake up to the joyful chirping of exotic birds and fall gently asleep to the meditative sound of the ocean waves.
This perfect world is a home to hundreds of plants and trees, myriads of animal species, to the warm winds and colourful sunsets, to surf boards and mopeds, to whole food vegan cuisine, but above all – it’s a home to its folk. 
The folk of absolutely different kind: artists, seekers, digital nomads, craftsmen, healers, musicians, clerks, single, married, families with kids, young or old – it doesn’t matter at all. 
What unites all of them is conscious and regenerative approach to living, as well as co-creating cultural and environmental projects. 

The perfect world is ZŪNYA. 

I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I’ve never experienced anything that powerful in such a short period of time. Being a part of ZŪNYA’s flourishing community for 10 days, navigating through the transformational experiences with then-strangers and my own partner, that would, eventually, lead to the revelations and re-establishing the deepest connection to myself. 

ZŪNYA is a place to grow, to explore the within, to overcome fears and to (-it goes without saying-) become a better version of yourself through mindfulness, co-living and co-sharing. 

Thus, while observing the people of ZŪNYA and their ways of connecting, the project “UNIVERSES WE CREATE” was birthed. 
My hope was to explore the unique worlds we create when we come together as one, and showcase the connectedness to oneself, nature and each other through the series of photographs of couples and families living their dreamlike life in the safe and creative environment that ZŪNYA offers to everyone who joins its community.

Check more of this project + my interview to ZŪNYA here.

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